Web Developer

IWA | Posted 14-02-2020

Thailand (ไอทีทั่วไป)

We are always on the lookout for new IWA people. If you are a web developer looking to start a new fantastic chapter in your life, please take a look at the technologies and tools below. If you have experience in working with the most essential ones, and think you would be a perfect fit to our team, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Working knowledge in English is a must for us.


HTML5, JavaScript and CSS technologies

Responsive Web Development

Single page applications

Ruby on Rails


Hybrid mobile app development



HTML standard features, such as media elements, canvas etc.

Newer features, i.e. web components, shadow DOM etc.


JavaScript frameworks, such as AngularJS, React and Ember

Profound knowledge of JavaScript, e.g. concepts Promise, Closure and Prototype

Implementation of functional programming in JavaScript

Newer features, i.e. ECMAScript, asm.js etc.


CSS preprocessors: SASS/SCSS, LESS, PostCSS etc.

CSS frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation etc.

Modern CSS techniques, such as Flexbox, filters, transformations etc.

Newer features, i.e. shadow DOM selectors, variables, CSS in JavaScript etc.