Material Science Lab Intern

Seagate Technology | Posted 25-11-2021

สมุทรปราการ (ไอทีทั่วไป)

About our group:

Material Science Lab (MSL) is responsible for service of contamination and cleanliness test to support Teparuk HGA operation on Product cleanliness, contamination, failure analysis, product/process qualification & HGA improvement supporting including method development projects and analytical machine learning to support I4.0 roadmap

About the role - you will:

  • You will be assigned to response on continuous project development of data&Image process algorithm to process results from analytical instrument (FESEM, Optical, FT-IR, GC/MS, etc.,)) to get high accuracy of output results per objective.
  • This is including enhancing output data platform development per expectation which is required to upgrade and/or applicable to use for previous algorithm for all MSL sites.
  • Initiate new tools and/or techniques to support data analysis function to work faster or smarter. #entrylevel

About you:

  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Good Engineering verification and evaluation skills
  • Understand of color theory and human visual perception
  • Able to develop ideas and processes and clearly express them
  • High degree of independent judgement
  • Fluent in English

Your experience includes:

  • Knowledge in computer science or computer engineering (Required)
  • Knowledge of programming language and technical terminology. (Required)
  • Ability in server side languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, PHP and .Net(C# or VB).
  • Proficiency in web programming skills such as HTML/ HTML5, CSS/ CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery.
  • Skill of JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS, React and Amber
  • Aptitude in Web Services (REST/SOAP)
  • Familiarity with database technology such as Oracle, MySQL and MongoDB and also NoSQL is a plus
  • Experience with Data Visualization libraries/tools/toolkits like Tableau, Vislt, ParaView, Protoviz, d3, Highcharts, Processing, etc.
  • Experience in interactive graphics, data visualization, data mining and data analysis


Home to 4,000+ employees, our Teparuk site produces nano-recording heads, a crucial component of the read/write functionality of a hard disk drive. Our Teparuk facility is a fun and active site. Here at work you and your colleagues can grab breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at our 24-7 on-site canteen and coffee shop. Get in a few laps around our running track or enjoy volleyball, ping pong, badminton or football through our on-site gymnasium and fitness center. We also offer music, dance and yoga activities. Enjoy many on-site festivals and celebrations as well as opportunities to give back to the local community.

: Teparuk, Thailand
Travel: None